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Donald Trump has denied all of the accusations, is angry, as we saw yesterday. But in the long run, it America that should be angry. This kind of stuff is harming the fabric of our society, our political structure, and our ability to evaluate information in a fair way.

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Lipscomb simply made shots in the first stanza, hitting over 50 percent of its field goal attempts, including 7 of 17 from beyond the arc. The home team also beat the Golden Eagles on the glass, owning a six board advantage. Tech struggled from the field early, shooting just 31.3 percent and 35.7 percent from 3 point range..

But the other thing is, what do you do with the carbon dioxide? I mean, this is called carbon capture and sequestration. You capture it and we have to put it somewhere. You’ve got to put it underground, really. Check the mileage allowance. You want a mileage allowance that is going to be slightly higher than what you will drive each year of the lease. You’ll pay 15 to 30 cents a mile for each mile you go over the limit.

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An executor who is not familiar with a testator’s estate, lives too far away from the estate to oversee its liquidation and distribution, is lackadaisical in nature or, worst of all, is untrustworthy is outside the scope of a wills kit. Removing an executor, who does not want to surrender their office, is a painstaking legal process and usually involves hard feelings between the heirs and the executor. Good counsel may help to avoid this problem.

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